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Building Better Bridges

6 Tips for Improving your Bridging skills. Without good bridging skills your Chi Sau skills will have very limited application for fighting. Here are a few ways to isolate and improve those skills. More>>>

Wing Chun Knife Drills

A few ways to use your Baat Cham Doe (the Wing Chun Knives) on a Spring-Arm Dummy More>>>

POV Chi Sau Video

POV footage of Sifu Nick of Red Light Martial Arts and Sifu Sol Black of Black Sun Renaissance playing around with some Chi sau and Gor sau. More>>>

Bridges Are Your Battlements

In grappling arts, much of the information fighters base their decisions on comes in through their sense of touch. The benefits of doing so do not end when striking is introduced and that is why... More>>>

Spring Arm Dummy Drills Part 2 -- Knife Work

Use of the Spring-Arm dummy, like the traditional dummies is only limited by the imagination. More>>>

Spring-Arm Dummy Drills Part 1

There is so much that can be done with a Spring-Arm Dummy! Check out this video to get some ideas. More>>>

Falling of the Line with Gum Sau

Combining footwork with your Gum Sau More>>>

How to Build an Even Better Wing Chun Spring-Arm Trainer

Want to build your own Wing Chun Spring-Arm Trainer for about $50? Here is how I did it... More>>>

Impact Conditioning and Avoiding Hand Injuries in Wing Chun

Most 1st world human hands are not well conditioned for striking. As tool users, humans have hands best evolved for grabbing things, not for use as clubs. I advise students to avoid striking with any part of the hand other than the palm heel or hammerfist unless... More>>>

Countering Takedowns using Gum Sau

Sifu Nick demonstrates how to use Gum Sau to control spacing and defend against takedown attempts. More>>>

Moving the Line and Making Better Mistakes Tomorrow

You have a certain skill level and you want to advance it? Get used to making mistakes. No EMBRACE that you will make mistakes. If you are not, don't expect to get much better. More>>>

Strength Training for Wing Chun

If Wing Chun is about giving the practitioner the ability to defeat an assailant regardless of relative size or strength, why worry about strength training? Is strength training appropriate for Wing Chun practitioners? YES and depends... More>>>

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