Wing Chun Kung Fu

Oriented towards practical, efficient movements for close quarters combat, Traditional Ip Man Wing Chun Kung fu is one of the rare traditional martial arts whose effectiveness carries over to modern personal defense applications. Wing Chun is a Chinese martial art developed roughly 300 years ago as a close-range combat system for use by anti-government rebels, some of whom were Shaolin monks.  In present times Wing Chun serves as an excellent personal defense system as well as a tool to build and maintain superior health.  Outsiders most easily identify Wing Chun by its wooden dummy form (Mook Yang Jong Form) and by its sticky hands drills (Chi Sau). 

Efficient and Effective

Being a soft martial art and emphasizing efficiency, Wing Chun enables practitioners to defeat even larger and stronger opponents.  Proper body structure, alignments, and sensitivity are used to overcome the strength of opponents. Offensive methods include a full spectrum of strikes, joint-locks, and takedowns.  The training is progressive and utilizes single person forms, extensive partner drills, conditioning and weapons training.

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